About Us…..

We research areas of large computer systems, and all their facets.

Most especially, we look at operating systems, large computer systems, virtualizations, cloud, provisioning methods, security and authentication, systems audit, policy application controls, and the business side of computing.

We do this largely for NetworkWorld and IDG Worldwide publications. You can find an index of our product reviews for them at their site.

We’ve also done an exhaustive amount of research into theoretical computing, networking infrastructure, and signalling methods. Use a search engine to find more. A good search term would be: henderson extremelabs

Our clients also include those seeking investor technical due diligence, competitive analysis, QA, and pre-release non-destructive test.

In our spare time, we restore cars, play guitar, travel, read incessantly, and get exercise where we can.

We like friends, colleagues, and new clients. But we’re not a marketing organization. We’re paid skeptics of the most brutally honest sort. Make queries to thenderson at extremelabs dot com.